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About Sophique

In a world absorbed by fast fashion, Sofia Papadimitriou a young Milanese girl, decided to commit her energy and passion to promoting the true essence of craftsmanship, quality and “Made in Italy”, by designing unique, high quality and long-lasting products. 

As "always in a rush" could have almost been the motto of the way we lived, at the beginning of 2020 she wanted something that would win over. Concentrating on her desire to create something where one would feel free, comfortable yet extremely elegant in an effortless way. Working with unique, soft and luxurious leathers, combined with the finest attention to detail, she achieved her first biggest accomplishment. 

Sophique’s collection will feature new contemporary and funky versions of the traditional loafer.
Entirely handcrafted loafers and mules in 100% prime quality, extremely soft suede leather. Inspired by all that surrounds us, by our lifestyles and needs, making it less of a fashion statement and more of an indispensable carry over item.

Sophique, this Milanese newborn brand, will also dedicate careful attention to sustainability. Sofia will pay extra special attention to making her products as eco- friendly as possible, through crafting processes as well as in packaging. 

This is where the adventure of Sophique begins, where many more traditional items, designed to fit our contemporary busy lifestyle, are yet to be created. 

“Sophique, a true essence of Italy; sophisticated, chic, comfortable and unique”.


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